Guaranteed Policy

We abide by a policy of high ethical standards and professionalism while interacting with our customers. We believe that the customer is always right, and as such, we will ensure that all the needs of the customer are fulfilled. Guarantees

Quality Guarantees

We produce high quality papers as they are written by highly-experienced and trained writers. They proofread and check the grammar, accuracy and spelling. Any issues with regards to the quality of the paper will be revised at no extra cost.

Writer confidentiality

Our highly skilled of writers is chosen through a thorough vetting process. It is not allowed to exchange private information such as personal contact information. Clients are only permitted to communicate with their writer through permission by Demandpapers.


The copyrights of all our products are owned by Demandpapers until payment is received for the content. Once payment is done, the copyright is automatically transferred to the customer. In the event that the client reverses payment for work they have received, then the copyright will not be under their ownership and will be considered as a stolen copyright. Guarantees

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our most important objective. We ensure that our customers get value for their money. In the unfortunate event that our products do not meet the needs of our customers, we are more than willing to offer a refund.

Cancelling your order

When you cancel your order before we assign a writer to work on it, you will receive a 100 percent refund. Once the order has been assigned, your refund will be calculated according to the deadline of your order. This is because the writer who was assigned to work on your order needs to be compensated.

No writer was found to work on my order

The most suitable writer is assigned to a particular order. Even so, an appropriate writer may not be found in rare occasions. In the event that this happens, you will receive a full refund.

Requesting for a full refund due to complete dissatisfaction with quality of the paper

If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of their paper, they can request for a free revision. They could also ask for a different writer to be assigned to their order. If the customer did not approve the paper, he/she can request for a full refund. This option leads to the paper we produced being posted online for commercial purposes. The customer will then have to prove their claim using strong reasons within 14 days. After this, the customer can receive up to 100 percent refund at the discretion of the Dispute Resolution Department.

I received my order but did not approve it

The customer should approve their order within 14 days. If the customer fails to approve their order or request for a revision within 14 days, the system will automatically approve the order. After this, the customer will have 14 days to request for a refund. When this period lapses, a refund will not be possible.