How can I structure my Classwork PowerPoint Presentation?

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How can I structure my Classwork PowerPoint Presentation?

Structuring a Presentation

You would consider yourself lucky if your assignment was to carry out a presentation in class. However, you would be very mistaken if you assumed that it is a simple task and that it would not require significant effort. There are different activities that you need to carry out to ensure that your presentation is a success, and that you get to pass your class; How can I structure my Classwork PowerPoint Presentation?

Carry out your research

You need to understand your topic conclusively in order to gain perspective on what is important in the presentation and what can be left out. If you did not carry out your research, you might simply focus on the aspects that you would consider to be necessary, thereby leaving out other necessary and critical aspects.

Use Images and Graphs

A presentation has to be appealing to the audience. You don’t want to bore them down with plain words, so use images as a way of drawing their attention to the issue that you are trying to highlight. For example, if you are discussing the impacts of environmental pollution on the society, you might consider presenting images that show the destruction of the Amazon Forest or any other natural resource around you.

Use clear and concise language

Not unless you are the CEO of any major company, you will find that you have limited time to make your case. You will be given approximately five minutes for your presentation, and it is necessary that you are able to conclusively provide the necessary information within this given timeline. One way of achieving this is by using concise language and words in point form. You could go further to explain your points below the PowerPoint.

Use PowerPoint Features How can I structure my Classwork PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint is an effective application to use for your presentation as it allows you to use additional features to transition from one slide to the next. You could play around with the different designs and layouts to achieve your ultimate purpose, which is to deliver the message and impress the audience.

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