Human Computer Interaction

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PLEASE NOTE: This Human Computer Interaction exercise is not just about discussing how many states you can remember! Make sure that you discuss how this exercise relates to computer interfaces! Listing the states and telling how you remembered them is worth only 20% of this exercise.

write down as many states of the United States of America that you can think of. How many did you write down? Follow the directions below and write your responses in the form of a brief essay (600 – 800 words, not including any list of states).

Now, go to and determine which states you left off of your list. Which ones did you not list on your own?

Did you have any trouble once you saw the name of a state (for example, “Georgia”) in determining it was indeed a state within the United States of America? In other words, which was harder, going “down” from USA to all the states, or going “up” from a name of a state to knowing it was within the USA? What does this tell you about the structure of how you store items in your memory?

Now, let’s discuss how this relates to designing computer software interfaces. Windows Vista (like most modern graphical operating systems) presents folders (aka directories) atop the file dialog box.

How might such a structure and interface make it easier to find and organize files from a user’s perspective?

If you’d like to relate to / discuss a more current Windows O/S, please feel free, just clearly indicate which one. Feel free to include screen shots to express yourself.

Pay close attention to word count in assignments – too few words WILL impact your grade for this assignment.

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