Interesting article every student should read

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Interesting article every student should read


I gazed down from the helicopter astounded at the scenery. The view of the mountain peak from here was incredible, with the ice rivers that flowed down and gave it a sparkling look. It was truly breathtaking. Interesting article every student should read

It was morning and the sun shone on the glacier, its beautiful golden rays setting a scene that was incredible. The cold air was crisp fresh and the sky unbelievably blue. The glacier holds the biggest freshwater reservoir on earth which actually supports a third of the global population. However, due to the effects of climate change, the glacier has been disappearing and sea levels have been on the rise.

The good news is that our climate’s future rests in our hands. We can stop climate change together, let me tell you how.

Climate change causes and its effects Interesting article every student should read

There has been a long-term change in weather patterns and how they are statistically distributed taking place over centuries and millenniums. This is what is described as climate change. Climate change is caused by natural causes which are out of our control and the effects of human activities which are within our control.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that climate change effects include increased occurrence of droughts, earthquakes, rise in sea levels, ocean acidification, forest fires and death of wildlife.

The leading human causes of climate change are the burning of fossil fuels, natural gas and coal which release carbon dioxide into the air. CO2 is a greenhouse gas which fills the atmosphere causing the greenhouse effect that increases the earth’s temperature.

Coal has the highest carbon content generating about 70% more carbon dioxide than natural gas during combustion. It is also the most widely available fossil fuel and hence named by IPCC as the major cause of climate change. Coal is the cheapest fuel and for over 2 billion people who cannot access electricity in their homes, it is their closest alternative. However, the real cost of its effects on human lives, health and the environment cannot be equated in a balance sheet.

We can end it!

Our world’s power industry should be held responsible for the effects of pollution. Governments should reduce the production of coal and encourage the availability of renewable energy for a clean and green environment.

Citizens also have to play their role as we cannot put our future in the hands of our governments only. Trees as vital in the absorption on carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen and as such we should all aim to plant many trees to increase forest acreage.

This in turn will reduce global warming, incidents of forest fires, death of wildlife and glacier retreats. Occurrences of earthquakes will also decrease and so will the loss of lives and other effects.

In Summary Interesting article every student should read

Our planet’s future rests solely in our hands and we can change for the better by planting more trees and using sustainable energies. We can end climate change! Interesting article every student should read

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