Plagiarism is no longer an issue to academic students, Have a look

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Plagiarism is no longer an issue to academic students

Effective tips to avoid plagiarism

One of the worst mistakes a student can make while writing a paper is to plagiarize another writer’s work. Plagiarism can be punished by low grades or even expulsion and every student should steer clear of this mistake. People put in work and thought into their work and they deserve to be acknowledged and respected for their ideas. Say you are a writer; wouldn’t you want people to respect and acknowledge your work? Similarly, when writing your assignment, you should acknowledge other people’s work and there are several ways of doing that. Plagiarism is no longer an issue to academic students

Should you decide to find a writing service to assist you with your writing, ensure it is reliable and free off plagiarism. Be sure to check the client reviews for clarification and what guarantees they have should plagiarism occur. There are also other resources you can use from the internet to check your work for any plagiarism after you are done with it.


When you’ve found the articles that have the information you need to write your paper, remember to take precautions to avoid plagiarism. As you write the context you need ensure that you do not write more than two words of the original article next to each other. Should this happen, ensure you use quotation marks to show that the work belongs to someone else.


There are many different formats of writing and the guidelines to these formats will be provided by your educational system to be used in writing your essay. Citation provides information about the author’s work, the date it was published and the edition and failure to acknowledge this may be viewed as plagiarism. Ensure you provide the author’s work details according to the format that is required.

A quotation is cited by indicating the page number. If it is an online resource then the paragraph number should also be included. Moreover, you also have to cite yourself if you decide to use work that you have done previously you have to include this in your citations. Yes, there is such a thing as self-plagiarism and you should pay attention to avoid any form of plagiarism in your work.


After you have decided that you have to quote from the article that has the information you need, it is imperative to ensure that the words you quote are exactly what is written in the original document. This could be especially disagreeable should your instructor know the contents of the original article. Remember also that your quotation should not be more than forty words and should it exceed, then paraphrasing is advised as opposed to quoting. Presentation is key.


After you have quoted or cited material in your paper, ensure that you include all these details in the reference page. There are different formats of writing references and ensure you pay attention to what writing guidelines you are required to use.

Plagiarism detectors found on the internet can help you check your paper for plagiarism. Your educational institution will pass your paper through a professional verifier and you should try and do the same before submitting your paper. Plagiarism is no longer an issue to academic students

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