Take 15 Minutes and Write an Informal Letter like A Pro

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Take 15 Minutes and Write an Informal Letter like A Pro

It’s exciting to write an informal letter isn’t it? It doesn’t have as many rules as a formal letter and it’s just easier yes? Well, remember that there are quite a number of rules that need to be considered in this letter and we need to look into them. Take 15 Minutes and Write an Informal Letter like A Pro

Aren’t they outdated?

Who still writes letters? It’s hard to imagine that there are still people who use letters for communication while we have all these texting services around. We have some suggestions on why people use letters. Letters give you time to think as you gather your thoughts on what you want to say. Special occasions such as graduation parties may also warrant letters. Thirdly, they are a perfect way of writing matters of the heart. Informal letters give you a chance to be descriptive and detailed as opposed to sending emojis over a messenger.

Your intention of writing

It is important to know why you are writing as a letter needs more planning. A letter that is meaningful is well thought out and doesn’t leave out any information. You won’t need another letter to add up to the first one otherwise it will be like texting. You could be writing because you miss your friend or you want to plan something for someone or it’s an important day in your life. This is a much more fun topic for writing as opposed to other academic essays.

Write the letter

You won’t believe this but you still need to make a plan. Yes, even for an informal letter you still need to write the structure but the good news is that you can still use the five-paragraph structure you’ve been using for other academic essays. You’ll have your introduction, then the body and lastly your conclusion.

Relax, you don’t need to write background information in your introduction like your academic papers. You only need to politely ask how the other person is doing and share about yourself too. It’s that simple. Then your move on to your body and reveal the reasons why you’re writing. Put down your thoughts carefully remembering your grammar rules and how to construct sentences. This is for your addressee as they will understand what you’re communicating better if you write correctly. It saves them a whole lot of time. Lastly, it’s time to wind up your letter. If you’re writing to greet a friend you can conclude by telling them how much you want to see them again. If it’s for an occasion, remind the reader about the plans, the date and other details. Oh, and sign your letter before you send it!

You should verify Take 15 Minutes and Write an Informal Letter like A Pro

You’re almost done now just a few more things to check on before you send out your letter. You need to make sure that:

  • You have proofread the letter.
  • It has a clear purpose.
  • It communicates your message clearly.
  • It has a clear structure.
  • The letter uses informal language.
  • You did not use abbreviations, emojis or other word shortforms in the letter.

Don’t forget that informal letters are highly subjective so you can share it with someone else so they can examine what you’ve written. Read it aloud to yourself and see if anything sounds out of place.

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